Posted by: gelatojourney | July 2, 2010

Words are funny

We saw so many signs that made us laugh but they didn’t really fit into any category.  We saved them for last and here they are.

Everyone smokes in Italy – not indoors – that law passed a few years ago – but EVERYWHERE else.  The 14 year old who nearly hit you with his Vespa was smoking – seriously.  Our hotel was trying really hard to quit.

The patch really seems to help

Cigarettes have HUGE warnings on the packs.  They are not subtle.  The one we saw the most translates “Smoking kills”.  The lady in the shop told us this one says “Smoking makes your skin look old”

and it makes your breath smell bad too

So a bar in Italy is actually a place for a quick, cheap lunch.  The have cold food or will stick a sandwich or piece of pizza under a broiler for you.  The food is actually pretty good.  Here is some pizza and lasagna I had for lunch at a “bar” near Campo del Fiori – it was cheap and delicious

Great food, great prices

But, they have some pretty crazy names.  The Italians seem to like English words.  We would often see t-shirts that had english printing on them but they were usually just a collection of unrelated words that made no sense.  The same with bar and shop names.  Here are a few –

Convenience type store - apparently a good one

Charlie must be a common Italian name

Never saw Papa Bar

But no Gentleman Bar

Go for the Movie Tie In

My favorite

Low Cost Snacks

I don’t know what this says – but apparently it will kill you

Danger Will Robinson!

Toilets were interesting in Italy – at this gas station aim seems to be a problem – lack of seat was pretty common

Sanitized for your protection

Look at the center

Bancomats or ATMs were a little confusing – especially this one

Appropriate crack?

How about some food items –

They're everywhere

As opposed to moderately sparkling water

I should have bought some Fonzies just to see what they were

Vending machine pizza

Baby food made from . . . horse!

The biggest jar of Nutella I've ever seen

This shoe store was near our hotel

If we can't fit you . . . well you might need clown shoes

Those are some BIG shoes

Big and stylish

Up to size 21

This one was at the Vittorio Emanuele Monument

They are very concerned about the uneasiness

At Pompeii we were looking at the entrance to The House of the Tragic Poet – the entrance mosaic says “Cave Canem” or “Beware of Dog”.  While I was taking pictures a real Canem decided to enter the picture.

Pompeii is full of canem

Shall we do a bit of shopping?

The sign says it all

First Man Sandal and now a Woman Sale

Taxi ad

OK, No Problem

So now you see why I have to move to Italy and teach English



  1. I love that at the Big Shoe store women’s “big” sizes start at 7! That’s really not that big. Maybe Italian women have tiny “Deanna” feet!

    • Yeah but men’s size 21 – who wears those?

  2. Oh my! That ATM crack sign – too funny.

  3. Welcome Home!
    Thank you both for such a wonderful “trip” from this armchair traveler. Truly day brightener accounts of your extraordinary trip, ventures and pictures!
    The signs are just hilarious! “Cracked” me up too

  4. these are as funny as Karla’s signs from Dubai! Seriously, is English REALLY that hard?

    • Apparently it is – but it sure made us laugh on a daily basis.

  5. Well, they atleast make words. Unlike some other countries.(Will not list them).
    Also though you can usually understand what they are trying to say though.
    Mr. Rice, isn’t this your last week there? I hope you had a good trip!

  6. Hey Lucas – Glad you followed along – it was fun being there and writing about it too

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