Posted by: gelatojourney | July 2, 2010

London Calling

So we made our way to Milan’s Linate airport in plenty of time just to discover that because of a general strike in Italy, our flight to London was delayed an hour. This meant we would not make our connecting flight to Los Angeles. After some discussion, they decided they would give us hotel, meal and bus vouchers for London. I was excited because it meant a day in one of my favorite cities. We arrived at Heathrow and made our way to the lovely Ibis Hotel. We dumped our bags and made our way to the city. We got off the tube at Victoria Station and then headed to Westminster. From Westminster we walked up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. We wandered around St. Martin’s in the Field, The National Gallery and bought some cheesy London souvenirs. Hey, everyone needs boxers printed with the tube map. We trekked up to Picadilly Circus and then to SoHo. We had dinner at Wagamama – the noodle bar and then back to the hotel. I would of enjoyed just wandering the city all night and sleeping the whole way home – but we did make our way back to the Ibis for a few hours sleep. London is always beautiful and it was nice to spend even a few hours there – but now it is time to go home. Our flight went well and we got some sleep on the way. Once we got to LAX, I caught the shuttle to Union Station to catch Amtrak home and Charla caught the bus to San Luis Obispo. It was good to be home. I always feel patriotic when I return. It’s nice when the customs agents say “Welcome Home”. Home is a nice place and even though I was tired, Braxsten came and spent the night. What a great ending to an amazing trip. We’re ready to go again soon – let us know if you’d like to tag along. Here are a few London pictures just to prove we were really there.

Cheerio Bob!

Tent city and war protest outside Westminster

The Cenotaph - War Memorial on Whitehall

Trafalgar Square

This phone booth smells funny

Statue of George Washington - he is standing on soil brought in from Virginia - not British soil

Charla phones home

Increased security on Downing Street

Saint Martin in the Fields Church

So good to be home



  1. Glad you made it safely back home, Gary!
    I enjoyed following your trip.

  2. Thanks, Susan – we enjoyed sharing it

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